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External Student Loan and Resource Information Links

You don’t have to travel to every corner of the web to find what you’re looking for. This page makes it easy to get where you need to go in order to find answers on your student loans because we have taken the time to gather trusted links and phone numbers for you!

Caution is recommended when searching the web, responding to advertising or to phone calls about your student loans. Many student debt relief companies target borrowers and sell services the borrower could receive for FREE from the federal government

Here is an extract of what Inside Higher Ed has written on the subject:
Student Debt Crisis, a group that advocates on student loan issues through petitions and outreach efforts, says debt relief companies, while legal, often aggressively market services to borrowers that the federal government offers for free — including help with loan forgiveness, consolidation and refinancing. (click to read more)

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Student Loan Information Links


Federal Student Aid

Get ready for college or a career school, learn about federal student aid and how to apply using the FAFSA and get information on repaying student loans.

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Dept. of ED

Official website of the U.S. Department of Education (ED). Provides information about the Department’s offices, programs, information and assistance services, funding opportunities, education statistics, publications and more.

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Resources for Borrowers

The Student Lon Sherpa

The Student Loan Sherpa is your source for expert advice based on personal experience and years of research.

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Loan Servicers

Aidvantage 1-800-722-1300

Default Resolution Group 1-800-621-3115

ECSI 1-866-313-3797

Edfinancial 1-855-337-6884

MOHELA 1-888-866-4352

Nelnet*c. 1-888-486-4722

OSLA Servicing** 1-866-264-9762

Department of Education Fresh Start Program 1-800-621-3115

*Great Lakes Educational Loan Servicers merged with Nelnet during the pause.

**Listed by studentaid.gov as a federal loan servicer, but the link now redirects to Aidvantage.